Some politicians in Frankfort are preoccupied with the culture war and trying to divide us.

One lawmaker wants to make it illegal for Kentucky schools and colleges to allow transgender females to compete in women and girls’ sports.

I agree with the notion that someone, who was born male, would have an unfair advantage in female sports. But this is not some pressing crisis in Kentucky, and we don’t need a new mandate, sent from on high at the state capital.

In these rare cases, I trust people like coaches, principals and parents to figure out what’s best.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"Maybe the transgender should have their own league. Because a transgender male, who is now a female, will always be physically bigger."

"I agree with you saying females should play with females and males should play with males. But if the kids don't see anything wrong with it, why should we? Let them play."

"Principals and coaches, they are scared to death of being sued. Now, parents...that's a different story. Finally, parents are waking up and standing up for their children."

"If we can't get everyone to use a turn signal when they're changing lanes, how do we expect to get people to do the right thing in the matters of transgender athletics...or anything else, for that matter?"

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