Juul produces smoke free vaping products. They advertise as an alternative for cigarette smokers. Recent studies have shown Juul products are dangerous and might be more addictive than cigarettes.  Juul developed many flavors that have garnered the attention of kids. Recent studies show underage vaping has skyrocketed.  We must stop the trend of kids vaping. 

The FDA is about to ban fruity flavors including the popular MINT. Companies will only be allowed to have tobacco and menthol flavors. This will certainly make Juul less attractive to minors.  

I have an idea to further curb underage usage.  Geofencing. We have the technology. We ban sports betting as soon as you cross the bridge from Indiana into Kentucky. Bluetooth innovation, like Juul, can be geofenced out of schools, parks, and any other public places.

Currently, the U.S. government doesn’t allow geofencing the use of vaping products, but it should. We use Bluetooth technology to protect boundaries for sports gambling, so why can’t we use it to protect our kids from dangerous chemicals.  Call us. Tell us what you think.

I’m Dale Woods, and that’s my Point of View.