Fight at Iroquois High School

Did you see this fight from last week at Iroquois High School?

This fight started because the teacher told the student to put his phone away. Foul mouth name calling from both parties, escalates the situation. The student pushes and strikes the teacher. The teacher defends herself, pushes the kid to the ground. She must be the better person. She is the adult in the room.

The unruly kid earned a trip behind bars for the assault, but a trip behind the proverbial wood shed might teach him a better lesson about respect.

The only person that showed any maturity surrounding this altercation was the boy’s mom. At least she reprimanded her son. I suggest she takes his phone away for a year. A mom holding her child accountable is a rarity today.

Call us. Tell us what you think about this video. I’m Dale Woods and that’s my Point of View.