Our children in Louisville haven't been in the classroom for nearly a year, and let's not kid ourselves. Virtual school and those dreaded letters, N. T. I. -- just isn't the same. Kids are struggling to learn on laptops while their parents are either at work or trying to work from home. In Jefferson County failing grades are through the roof and absenteeism is rampant.

Students are counted as "participating" in NTI if they do so little as send a text message to their teacher. Very little class participation is being required. Folks, our kids deserve better. As we emerge from this pandemic, we must demand more from the students and the schools. Students need to be ready to learn and school buildings must be open. JCPS is targeting mid-February to finally return to school. But, after so many months out of the classroom, the temptation will be to stay home a little longer.

We cannot give into the temptation of waiting to start fresh in the fall. Our kids cannot be allowed to fall behind another day. That's why you've heard me call for teachers to be near the front of the line for vaccines. Priority number one must be getting our kids back where they belong … in school.

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President, General Manager

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