In 2020, the city of Louisville has averaged a homicide every two-and-a-half days and a shooting every 12 hours. Tuesday, our city reached the grim milestone of 100 homicides, and we’re not even three-quarters of the way through the year.

It’s not just homicides. Carjackings are up by more than 400 percent.

You can’t argue Louisville is a peaceful city, when you have numbers like these. There are several reasons. Louisville police are stretched thin. COVID-19 has backed up the court dockets, making lawbreakers feel immune to arrest.

Economic desperation is setting in, especially among the poorest communities, who also are hit harder by the virus. There is a general mood of unrest in Louisville. Downtown is a series of boarded up buildings. The FBI has confirmed gangs are in town, and they are battling over territory.

At some point, we must regain control of our city, and find the root causes of this violent spike. Right now, more than 70 percent of 2020’s homicides are unsolved. This is where leadership is required at the city and neighborhood level. You can help the victims and their families by sharing what you know. One voice can echo in the name of justice and provide peace to many. Silence will never be the solution.

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President, General Manager

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