"Light up Louisville" should be a time to celebrate. This event has been a mainstay in Louisville for the past 40 years. While I know it needs to adapt to this year's climate, it is important that it happens. Downtown has suffered enough. It has endured the vast emptiness COVID-19 brought and is ready for a fresh start. Now is the time to once again shed light on our city.

I agree with those who think the opening ceremonies should follow social distancing protocols. Attendees shouldn't stand shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers. Masks should be worn. But there is no reason the lights shouldn't be hung, and the trees decorated. In fact, I think this year warrants the event more than any year before. This is a family friendly event that can be enjoyed over a period of weeks.

The reason Christians illuminate trees for the holiday season is to illustrate Christ is the light of the world. Let's face it, downtown sure could use a little light. Heck, we all could after this year. Mayor Fischer must stand firm and "Light up Louisville" brighter than ever before.

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President, General Manager

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