Today is the day I have been waiting for. Today all over the country, there are winners, losers, and a few races that are still too close to call. But the political results are not the reason for my exuberance. I am excited to finally see the end of the mud throwing. This year, in particular, it seemed like every politician went negative. And they didn’t just toe the line, they bounded over it with great strides.

Gone are the days when running for office meant talking about your attributes. I barely heard anyone explaining positions or policies. This election season was filled with “that candidate did this,” or “he or she did that.” It reminded me of toddlers fighting at a daycare. Actual political conversations have gone away too. Recently, there has only been bickering and fighting. No one listens to other perspectives. And I, for one, am sick of it.

Can you imagine walking into an interview, and instead of telling the potential employer how you could help the company, you bashed the other applicants? I don’t think you would ever get a second interview, let alone a job offer. But here we are hiring these politicians for doing just that. Maybe, in the future, we would be better served if we left some positions vacant.

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