Recently I was driving in a rain storm. The car in front of me turned on their hazard lights and kept going. I thought to myself, "that's odd."

Another time there was an accident on the interstate. The same thing happened. A driver puts on their hazards and continued driving.

Then, during our first snow, a car in the next lane proceeded down the highway blinking their hazards.

Now, I have realized these people didn't have any car problems at all. They wanted to tell fellow drivers it was raining or snowing. I know it is raining and snowing. My windshield wipers are on too. Use your running lights. Emergency lights mean you need assistance. Having a flat tire, a broken down vehicle, or pulling to side of road is the time to use hazards.

Driving with your flashers on makes you the hazard.

Get this: Kentucky is one of a few states where it is legal to drive with your hazard lights on. In most states your car must be in park. This goofy law needs to change. Hazards lights are not intended to be running lights.

What have you seen on the road that needs to change? Call us. Tell us what you think. I'm Dale Woods, and that’s my Point of View.

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