WDRB News anchor David Scott has more than 20 years of experience in television news. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1985, and began his career in Juneau, Alaska in a newsroom of four employees. There he covered everything from the state legislature to bears attacking people's garbage.

He has since worked in Allentown, Pennsylvania (where he met his wife Christine); South Bend, Indiana; Burlington, Vermont; Peoria, Illinois; and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

David didn't originally plan to pursue television news as a career. He was studying to become an accountant at Manchester College, when he decided to make a major change in gears. David says he always wanted to be a news anchor, though. He remembers anxiously awaiting the afternoon newspaper when he was a kid, so he could read it out loud and "sound like the people on TV."

David says, "I'm so glad I decided to pursue my real love. Television news has taken me from one coast to the other, and allowed me some great opportunities." One of his more memorable moments was interviewing late President Gerald Ford.

David says he thinks he's found a permanent home in Louisville. He says, "I've never fallen in love with a city like I have with Louisville. It's such a fascinating city. When I told people I was coming here, they all have said 'You'll love it there!' They were absolutely right!"

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