Bellarmine's top assistant coaches

Doug Davenport and Beau Braden are "all that's right with college coaching"

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Fortunately, Doug Davenport and Beau Braden get along well.

Davenport played for his father (Bellarmine head basketball coach Scott Davenport) and has been back as a coach for five seasons. Braden is in the third year of his second stint as an assistant coach. 

"I can assure you that I spend more time, maybe year-round with Beau than I do with my wife," Doug Davenport said.

"In season, we're working 80, 90, 100 hours a week and sometimes in confined spaces or on the road or on a bus where you better get along with people," Braden added. "We're lucky."

They're invaluable pieces of the Knights' ongoing success, and they've earned the trust of Scott Davenport, as evidenced by their hands-on approach during practices. 

"You'll always appreciate any coach that gives you that autonomy," Braden said. "It's not like that everywhere. We've worked in programs where there's one guy, and he coaches the team."

"I learn from them," Scott Davenport said. "We all learn from each other. Doug and Beau are all that's right with college coaching, because they coach 24/7. They coach and lead and mentor kids academically, athletically, socially."

Doug Davenport said the talent level of the players they're bringing in may be a little better than years ago, but the type of person has never wavered. He said the head coach gets all the credit for that and that it makes all of their jobs easier and more enjoyable.

"We spend 95% of our time on basketball," Doug Davenport said. "Not babysitting. Not on chasing kids to class. Not on worrying who's going to show up late to practice. We don't deal with any of that. So it does. It frees us up to do our job."

The good friends get the competitive juices flowing when they are each in charge of a group during drills and scrimmages at practices. 

"Beau uses 14 timeouts in a four-minute segment," Doug Davenport said with a laugh. "He's never runs out of timeouts, and each of them lasts about four-and-a-half minutes."

"Doug calls fouls," Braden said. "I'm 4 feet from it. You know, he's at the other foul line and here he comes, 'Nope, that's a foul.'"

"Only if it's advantageous for my team," Doug Davenport added. 

They're back on the same team as Bellarmine opens ASUN tournament play at 7 p.m. Thursday against Stetson at the University of North Florida.

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