Chris Mack and John Calipari have teams that will make the Top 16 in the NCAA Tournament Selection mid-season bracket reveal Saturday. WDRB Photo/Eric Crawford

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee will share its mid-season reveal Saturday at 12:30 p.m. If you've waited in line with me (or in front of me), you know I flunked Patience 101.

Who's thrilled to wait until Saturday afternoon when the obvious answer is to dive into the NCAA Nitty Gritty Reports, the Bracket Project and other data you don't need flip-flopping Google Fiber to find?

Not Dr. Bo.

After checking all the data, watching game after game and listening to folks wiser than me, here is my projection of the Committee's Mid-Season Top 16 seeds. Stanford athletic director Bernard Muir, chairman of the committee, will share the news on CBS Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

Here's a challenge:

Send me your projected Top 16 in an email to rbozich@wdrb,com. I'll find a prize from the WDRB prize bin for the forecaster who identifies the most teams.

(If I need a tiebreaker, I'll pick the person who put the most teams on the correct seed line. If a deadlock remains, there will be a blind draw. Hey, we're doing this for fun, right? And Dr. Bo gets to make the rules.)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: My predictions are not how I would pick and seed the Top 16. This is my projection on how the committee will seed them. I say that because I wrote last Saturday that Kentucky deserved the final top seed over Gonzaga — and I still believe that. But I expect the committee to pick the Zags because of their superior computer rankings.

Good luck.


Duke — The Blue Devils beat Virginia.

Virginia — The Cavaliers have beaten everybody but Duke.

Tennessee — Who beat the Vols? Been so long that I can't remember. (Kansas, Nov. 23)

Gonzaga — West Coast bias.


Kentucky — Moving like a thundering machine.

Michigan — Beat the Tar Heels — badly.

North Carolina — It's fashionable to shrug off the Tar Heels' four defeats. Why?

Michigan State — Three-game losing streak will end against Minnesota Saturday.


Purdue — Boilermakers have won 10 of 11.

Kansas — Too much noise around the Jayhawks to expect a run next month.

Houston — Have not beaten a Top 20 Ken Pomeroy team because the Cougars have not played a Top 20 Ken Pomeroy team.

Iowa State — Considering what's going on in Lawrence, the Cyclones could win the Big 12.


Marquette — I know this is a nice team that can shoot like crazy but the Golden Eagles have several computer rankings in the 30s and one at No. 40.

Louisville — Plenty of quality moments on the resume.

Virginia Tech — Trend line headed the wrong direction for Buzz Williams' team.

Wisconsin — Badgers are fortunate the reveal is scheduled before their visit to Ann Arbor on Saturday.

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