LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Drama never sleeps around the Indiana University men's basketball program. There isn't time.

If people are not fussing about the Hoosiers failure to make the NCAA Tournament, they're muttering about a team that could not make three-point shots or free throws.

When they're not hissing about a radio talk show host they are moaning about a podcast that gave that radio talk show host extra oxygen by featuring him on their podcast.

Romeo Langford's career, recruiting and scheduling all make the list of items to debate.

Here is the latest addition: The first change to Archie Miller's coaching staff in 2-plus years.

Out is assistant Ed Schilling, the guy who coached Yogi Ferrell at Park Tudor High School in Indianapolis and came to Bloomington from UCLA two years ago with a solid reputation for player development.

In is … to be determined.

That explains the elevated level of chatter.

The conversation begins with why Schilling decided to pursue other opportunities and who made the call -- Miller or Schilling? (My money is on Miller.) It quickly transitioned to the candidates Miller will consider to replace him.

Has to be a strong recruiter.

No, it has to be somebody who can coach offense, the area Indiana needs an immediate upgrade.

You don't have to strain to hear the thunderous suggestions from the third group, people urging Miller to hire a former IU player, somebody with a connection to the days when the Hoosiers were actually going to Final Fours.

Here is the most reasonable camp: Hire the best available candidate.

A former IU player who can coach offense and recruit like Amazon or Apple is the perfect place to begin.

But if that is not possible, finding somebody who can do big things in his future as a coach would benefit Miller more than somebody who has connections to an IU photo on a wall.

Kenny Payne played at Louisville but has become essential to John Calipari at Kentucky.

Mick Cronin, Kevin Willard and Kevin Keatts were three of Rick Pitino's best assistants at Louisville. None took a dribble for the Cardinals. (As a matter of fact, the Pitino staff member who did play for U of L -- Andre McGee -- was responsible for an NCAA championship banner coming down.)

I know Mike Krzyzewski (Duke) and Roy Williams (North Carolina) love the narrative of having alums on their staffs but Virginia just won the NCAA title with a collection of coaches from Wisconsin-Green Bay (Tony Bennett); Wisconsin-Stevens Point (Brad Soderberg); American International (Orlando Vandross) and, yes, Virginia, (Jason Williford).

You hire the best coach.

If that's Dane Fife, Michael Lewis, A.J. Guyton, Mike Roberts, Calbert Cheaney or another former Indiana player, go for it.

(Side note: Fife loves Tom Izzo and seems unlikely to leave Michigan State; Lewis just joined Cronin's staff at UCLA; Guyton serves as assistant at Loyola (Maryland); Roberts has put in seven seasons at North Carolina-Greensboro; Cheaney has been out of coaching since 2016.)

If any of those guys can recruit, teach offense, recruit, relate to players and recruit, Miller should send a plane to fetch them by sundown. If not, it's a dumb reason to hire somebody.

Miller needs somebody who does better work than Schilling appeared to deliver.

Schilling arrived with the Calipari stamp of approval as well as a reputation for skill development. Shooting must not have been one of those skills because Indiana's three-point and free throw shooting pushed the Hoosiers into the NIT last season.

Tied for 13th in three-point shooting and 12th in free throw percentage. Duck. Incoming.

That's a road to heartburn in today's college basketball. No shooting, no hope.

Schilling also arrived with a connection to Keion Brooks Jr., a Top 30 Class of 2019 recruit from Northern Indiana. He departed with Keion Brooks Jr. trying to establish himself in Calipari's latest collection of freshmen at Kentucky.

Is that the reason Miller is looking for a new assistant? Doubtful. But it didn't help.

According to 247Sports, there are five Top 100 Indiana-based prospects in the prep class of 2021, guys based in four areas of the state. The work Miller's new assistant does with those guys will matter more than where the new coach played or how many points he scored.

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