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CRAWFORD | Photo Essay: Scenes from the Louisville sideline

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Mack on the bench

Chris Mack on the Louisville sideline during a 73-68 regular-season loss at Virginia.

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WDRB) -- Most sports information departments aren't sure what to make of me. Heck, I'm not sure what to make of myself. I'm a writer in a visual medium. I take still pictures but work in a medium that does video.

I've been a sportswriter my entire professional life. The past couple of years, however, I've been a writer who takes pictures. The web is a visual experience. It is visually driven. We have first-rate videographers at WDRB. We don't have a bunch of still photographers. We have a few, but like me, they have other roles.

Still, I felt like something was missing from my work when I had a good story to tell, but no visual accompaniment in the world of the web. So I started taking pictures.

Not really good ones, mind you. Just good enough. I'm an amateur. Anyway, sports information departments who couldn't seem to wrap their minds around a TV station employing a writer now have to deal with one who also wants to sit in a place decent enough to take a few photos. It's not easily done, and with the big tournaments rolling around, my time for shooting anything decent might be on hold for a while.

But when Louisville played at Virginia, I got to do something I haven't gotten to do all season -- sit in close proximity to the Louisville bench. I found myself watching the players and how they interacted with the game and the coaches, and watching head coach Chris Mack and his way of operating.

I didn't shoot them exclusively. But I did shoot them quite a bit. Below are some of the results from watching the second half near the end of the Louisville bench during the Cards' 73-68 loss to No. 2 Virginia.

Further comments are in the captions.

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