Isaac Humphries to showcase his singing talent

The former UK center will perform songs at the Lexington Opera House a week from Sunday to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Isaac Humphries has already made one dream come true. Now, it's time for another.

The 7-foot center has played in four different leagues in three different countries in two seasons as a professional basketball player. He's played in his native Australia, in Serbia and this past season in the United States, spending time in both the NBA and the G-League with the Atlanta Hawks organization.

That followed two seasons in Lexington at the University of Kentucky.   

He will make the second dream come true when he showcases his singing talents June 23 in Lexington. The event will start at 6 p.m. at the Lexington Opera House with all the proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House. 

"Singing's been in my life forever," Humphries said. "Before I played basketball, I was very involved in the performing arts and singing and acting. I just kind of grew up around it. Then, I grew really tall, so I started playing basketball and just kind of took a back seat with music. Now, I've gotten to a point where I know that I need to do both just so I'm happy in all areas. It's just about finding that balance right now."

Humphries hopes to keep playing pro basketball for a number of years. And he's not sure the music would ever be a profession, but he said it's definitely more than a hobby. 

He taught himself to play the piano as a kid and said his style is kind of like Sam Smith or John Legend. He has some original songs, but these will be covers intertwined with stories about why these songs are important to him and certain times in his life. 

It could end up being an annual event.

"I'm hoping to make it bigger and better every year and raise more money," Humphries said. "It was a goal I had four years ago when I first had the idea. To think that it's happening next weekend is pretty exciting." 

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