UK players and coaches in Louisville at Satellite Camp

The 10th and final UK satellite camp of the month made its stop in Louisville on the night after three more Wildcats were taken in the NBA draft.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After a long, productive night at the 2019 NBA Draft in New York City on Thursday, John Calipari spent part of his Friday in Louisville at the 10th and final UK Satellite Camp of June.  This one was packed at Christian Academy of Louisville -- and not just with the kids in the camp.

"We'll have 180 kids come here, but each of them have four adults with them so they come and take pictures and do all this stuff," a smiling Calipari said by way of explanation. 

There were numerous stations, some manned by some of this year's UK players, plus plenty of opportunities for autographs and pictures for the campers and their families. A win-win for all involved.

"This does two things," Calipari said. "It's good for our kids to see what people think of them and this program. The second thing for us is to leave our campus and come to people and say, 'Hey, we appreciate you.' This may be the 10th (year).  We've gone all over the state, and it's been fun." 

Calipari was mostly pleased with Thursday night's draft. He was very excited for PJ Washington, who went 12th overall to Charlotte, and Tyler Herro, picked 13th overall by Miami. Keldon Johnson was the third Wildcat selected in the first round, and although Cal was a little miffed that his former player fell to the 29th pick, he liked that Johnson's destination was San Antonio. 

The one guy he was disappointed for was graduate transfer Reid Travis, who went undrafted.

"I was on the phone all night for Reid in the second round," said Calipari. "I thought we had him with one team, and at the end that team took a player that they put over in Europe. I was with him today trying to figure out what's next and whether it's, 'Let's get to a summer camp, (or) do you play in Europe?'

"But, again, three first-round draft picks," Cal continued. "I think our guys have had such success in that league that teams aren't afraid to take 'em because they know they'll work, they know they share, they know they can play and they have been under the gun. That's why we do well."   

The Wildcats have now had 29 first-round picks, 21 in the lottery and 38 overall draft picks, in 10 seasons under Calipari. 

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