The Pass brothers are hoping to lead a Cardinal resurgence

Great friends off the field, the Pass brothers hope to make their last season together a memorable one on the the field. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Born 18 months apart, the Pass brothers have always been close.

"Twins," said their mother Kershena Thomas when asked about them growing up. "Inseperable. Khane was older, but Juwan was often moved up, so they got to play all the sports together."

"We did everything together," added Juwan, who has mostly gone by Puma since he was a baby. "We were just always together, 24-7."

Khane is now a redshirt senior safety who was fourth on the team in tackles last season. Puma is a redshirt junior quarterback set to be the team's starter for the second season. They grew up in Columbus, Ga., and didn't plan on necessarily playing together in college but are very glad it worked out that way. 

"We rely on each other a lot," Khane said. "Anything he needs, I got. Everything I need, he got me. We don't live together, but it's like we live together."

Despite being the younger brother, Puma passed Khane in height around the age of 7. But Khane has always accepted his role as the big brother. 

Puma said he has always looked up to Khane. 

"We're close in age, but he's my big brother," Puma said. "I look up to him. To this day, before I make a decision, I ask his opinion, or I ask him what I should do. I always ask him first before I do something. I don't know. That's gonna be the hard part, figuring out how to live without him."

They hope to lead the Cardinals to a better season than the one they just went through.

"I just want to play with passion, leave it on the field," Puma said. "Just win and have fun, have smiles on our faces and get back to having fun. We owe it to the fans to win and bring excitement. We owe it to ourselves too." 

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