Allen and Penix before Michigan State

LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB) – The Indiana Hoosiers have almost a 0% chance of losing Saturday. It’s homecoming, and the Hoosiers are hosting a one-win Rutgers team that just fired its coach and is coming off a 41-point loss to Maryland. The Hoosiers are favored by four touchdowns. Never tell any of this to IU head coach Tom Allen.

“(I’ve) been in this league long enough to know those things are irrelevant,” Allen said Monday. “I know that we're playing a Big Ten football team on Saturday. We'll have to be at our very best. That's the absolute truth.”

Indiana comes off a bye week after falling to Michigan State in a hard fought game in East Lansing. Freshman quarterback Michael Penix Jr. threw for 286 yards and three touchdowns in that game. Better yet for the Hoosiers, no interceptions. Those are promising signs for Allen, who knows there are growing pains with a young quarterback.

“We talked as a staff, and we made a decision to go with Michael ... He's young and ... some mistakes are going to be made,” Allen said, adding that Penix performing that well in his first true road game shows that taking off the “training wheels” is working.

The Hoosiers kick off Saturday’s matchup against Rutgers at noon Saturday in Memorial Stadium.

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