Scott Satterfield

Scott Satterfield during Louisville's 2021 season-opening loss to Ole Miss.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The University of Louisville will face a top-30 FBS passer for the fourth time in six games when Virginia and quarterback Brennan Armstrong visit Cardinal Stadium at 3 p.m. Saturday.

The Cavaliers escaped Miami with a victory when a game-winning field goal bounced off an upright last week to give them a 30-28 win and break a two-game losing streak.

Virginia comes to Louisville with a 3-2 record and the No. 2-ranked passing offense in the nation behind Brennan, who leads all Power 5 passers with 394.6 yards per game. It'll be a challenge for a Louisville defense that ranks No. 110 nationally (out of 130 FBS teams) against the pass.

On Monday, Louisville head coach Scott Satterfield met with reporters to take a look back at last week's 37-34 loss at Wake Forest and a look ahead at Saturday's game. He also talked a bit about some officiating controversy from last week and set the tone for this week.

LOOKING BACK: "No. 1, it was a good college football game, good environment down at Wake Forest. We knew we were playing a good team, a veteran team, a team that has been playing at a high level this year, and very balanced, really, offense, defense, kicking, in the way they play. I thought our guys went in and played hard. Continued to put some good things on film. We got down 10 in the fourth quarter, and that would've been real easy to fold the tent and pack it up, but we didn't. We battled back and got back into the game. And it was unfortunate there at the very end — we didn't get off the field their last two drives, really. I always look at third downs, and they had four third downs and converted on those four and then kicked the field goal there at the end to win it. But, you know, it hurt, obviously, to lose that type of game. But we've got to bounce back."

LOOKING AHEAD: "We've got a great opponent this week in Virginia, so we're looking forward to playing them this weekend. Coach (Bronco) Mendenhall, got a lot of respect for him, how he runs his program. Kids play hard. They do some things in all three aspects that are very unique, offense, defense and kicking. They make you think. It's some different sets, a lot of different things. Offensively, their quarterback is playing at a high level. He can throw the football. Very accurate passer, throws a very catchable ball, and they have some guys to throw it to as well. Really good wide receivers, big tight end about 6-7, a slot receiver who can run all over the place. Running back came back last week and played against Miami. So they do some good things offensively and they're putting up a lot of big numbers offensively. They're one of the top passing teams in the country. They've done some different things on defense. Against Wake Forest, they ran a lot of four down. Against everybody else, they've had three down. So very multiple defense. It's a big challenge for us, but we're looking forward to coming back and trying to get back on track in this ACC race ... This week is a different challenge, really, because these guys throw the football all over the place."

SETTING THE TONE: "If you think about the ACC, man, it's wide open. Every team's got a loss except for four teams, and we just started ACC play. There's a lot of ball left. It's very competitive in this league, as we've seen. All these games are going to be tough, and you've got to fight to come down to the end and try to win these games. That's what we told our guys. We've got to figure out a way to win ... We're going to have a lot more of those this year. It's going to be a lot of tight games. And we're going to have to deal with it. We're going to have to make the plays, is the bottom line. The funny thing is you can go back, and there's plays throughout that game where just one play could've made the difference in the game. There's a lot of those. So we've just got to continue to get better and hope to make those plays. We're playing pretty good, but we can be so much better."

BONUS – SATTERFIELD TALKS ABOUT OFFICIATING QUESTIONS FROM SATURDAY, AND WHETHER HE SENT ANY PLAYS INTO THE LEAGUE FOR REVIEW OR CLARIFICATION: "Each week, you have an ability to be able to send plays in. Really, for me, to send plays in, either I've got a question — 'What do I need to tell our player if we got called for something' — and/or 'This could have been called.' I'll say this. It's tough. It's hard to be an official. You're not going to get them all right. I get that. I think the biggest thing that I've always wanted as a coach is always consistency in officiating. That's all we ever want. If we're going to let the kids play, let everybody play and not pick and choose when you're going to call fouls. We all know, if we dissect the plays, you can find a holding on most plays. Right? But it's when you call it. And sometimes, you get called in inopportune times when you get a big play. That's frustrating. But I do know it's a tough task. But the common sense ones, if they don't get those right, then everybody's got a problem with those.

"... Last week, we sent a bunch of plays in and got some good response. This week, I didn't want to send plays in. I think it speaks for itself. Everybody's seen the game. And really, the big controversy is right before half. That's probably the biggest one. And that's just unfortunate. The thing that I don't like about it is the fact that our defense played their butts off in that scenario, held them out of the end zone, and they still get an opportunity to kick a field goal. That's the thing that aggravates you, how hard our guys played. I will say this, too. As a coach, we've seen this over the years in college football. You get the ball down inside the 3-4 yard line, and it's three or four seconds left on the clock. You've got to make a decision. Do I want to run a play? And if I do, I'm willing to risk the fact that I won't get another play. I'm pretty sure coach (Dave) Clausen thought the same thing: There's four seconds. I'm going to run this play. We think we're going to score. But if we don't, it's probably going to be halftime. I'm pretty sure he thought that, because that's what I would've thought if I'm making that decision to go for it. We've seen that happen in many games over the years. And then he doesn't get it. Ball gets downed on the 1-yard line, and it's over. You know, it's over. We're getting ready to head to the locker rooms and then we get called back out and they get another play. That's unfortunate, because normally, you wouldn't have that much time to run a play. But I don't want to send plays in when you can see it and look at the film. A lot of things when you send in, if things were called, I already know the response."

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