LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you happen to have tickets to a Louisville football game, go early.

Go straight to your seats and watch the U of L coaching staff.

“We got a lot of passionate coaches here, and we love being around our guys,” said Dwayne Ledford, U of L's offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.

Passion is one word for it. The Louisville coaches are mad men on the field as the team warms up. There is screaming and yelling, shoving and pushing (in a good way), and just pure intensity on the sidelines.

“We wish we could still be on the field with them,” Ledford said.

It looks a little insane, but that attitude is genuine.

"It’s not something that is scripted, that this is what we’re going to say today," Ledford said. "It’s straight from the heart. It’s the emotion you get in the pregame going into the game.”

Ledford, defensive line coach Mark Ivey and quality control coach Nic Cardwell are just a few of the guys that get a little nuts before kickoff.

It’s hard to tell just how much that energy from the coaching staff has played in to what has been an incredible turnaround for Louisville football, but it’s clearly had some impact on the players.

“That pumps us up," safety Khane Pass said. "The energy they bring, we feed off that. We see the hype. That gets us hype and ready to go so we feed off of that a lot.”

“It brings swag to the university and confidence too," senior wide receiver Seth Dawkins said. "Cardwell gets on the shoulders before every game and just going crazy before we go back in to the locker room, before we come out. It goes a long way building confidence within the team.”

A team that had very little fight a year ago now has coaches that look ready to go to battle if the players are not. Passion, swag — whatever you may call it — comes from a love for the job and the players and perhaps some coffee.

“There is definitely a lot of caffeine that is consumed in this building," Ledford said. "There is no doubt about that."

One would think it would be hard to bring this every week. Perhaps the coaches know if they never lack energy, then the players can’t either.

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