Elizabeth Kizito Cookie Lady Bobblehead

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The lines made it clear: Fans were hungry for this promotion.

Elizabeth Kizito and Louisville Slugger Field go together like, well, chocolate chips and cookies. So the bats baked up something special this weekend.

The woman known as the "Cookie Lady" has her own bobblehead doll now.

Kizito is known for walking the aisles of Slugger Field with her signature basket full of cookies on her head. On Friday, the fans lined up to come see her.

Before the gates opened, a line snaked the hallways. Some were backed up to the streets. In fact, this was one of the most popular promotions the team’s ever done. Kizito is a Slugger Field icon despite not watching or playing baseball until she started with the cookies.

“My husband always said, 'So who won? Who is playing?'" Kizito said. "I told him I’m trying to duck from the ball so it doesn’t hit me!"

Her tradition dates back to when this stadium opened. Kizito has been selling cookies at Slugger for 20 years, and as you might guess, she’s made a few friends along the way.

“It’s really great, because a lot of kids, it tricks them to come to the ballpark. So they can get a cookie," she said. "They say, 'The Cookie Lady is going to be there! Let's go to game!' And they come to game just to get a cookie. Now they’re going to get a bobblehead." 

She's been selling her cookies out of her basket for 35 years.

“Every time I go somewhere, even if I don’t have the basket, and I start talking, then everybody say, 'There’s the Cookie Lady,'" Kizito said. "It makes me feel really good that people remember me.”

On her night, it wasn’t hard to find her. Kizito threw out the first pitch and even brought the line up card out. The cookies rarely leave the ballpark (eaten too quickly), but a few thousand cookie ladies will make it home to new shelves this weekend.

Kizito called the bobblehead "beautiful," even said she loved her.

Fitting, because the Cookie Lady felt the love from Louisville on Friday night.

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