Indiana Hoosiers Practice Peyton Ramsey

BLOOMINGTON, Ind (WDRB) -- First things first...

“Before anyone asks, no update on the quarterbacks," Indiana head football coach Tom Allen said Thursday. "Get that out of there."

He is still waiting to name a starting quarterback and maybe just a little tired of getting asked about it. Things can get a little redundant for everyone in mid-August.

“Part of that camp when you gotta push them, push them through, and you gotta help them see the light, because there’s not a lot of light yet,” Allen said.

This is a tough time of fall camp. You’re a couple of weeks in, and you’re still a ways out from game day, but the IU players got a huge piece of motivation at the perfect time.

The Hoosiers moved into their brand new locker room, and it was a major hit with the players.

“It’s a wow. It really is," Allen said. "I’ve been in a lot of different ones over the years, and the locker room part of it, it’s hard to find a better one.”

The team was coming from a not-so-pleasant temporary home.

“The visiting locker room. You ever been in there? Ya good," Allen said, laughing. "The new one is a lot nicer, I’ll leave it to that."

“What they came from, their locker room in the past to this transition phase, spending all that time is really nice for them to get this reward at kind of the hard part of camp,” defensive coordinator Kane Wommack added.

Long term, it is recruiting gold for the Hoosiers.

In the short term, it's a bit of a boost in the dog days of fall camp.

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