LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — This is a warning.

Don't come to Cardinal games to simply watch. You'll have to make some noise. Don't worry, just follow Jeremiah Harris and Terrell Cabral.

"We were just like, let's make up some cheers," Harris said. "Like how other people do cheers at games. Let's make up a cheer and have a good time at this game and not go there and sit there and just do normal stuff. "

The two are more than qualified. They're both cheerleaders on U of L's large co-ed squad, a part of the Cardinal Spirit Program.

"The Spirit Program is required to go to almost every sporting event because the Spirit Program's priority is to cheer for every sporting event," Cabral said.

Yes, that means more than just football and basketball games. From cross country meets to volleyball matches, Harris and Cabral are at it all. So, when it came time to cheer on U of L Men's Soccer, they decided to put their own spin on it.

"The reason why our soccer cheer was so much more glamorous, per say, is because when we cheer at football or basketball games, you have to be more collegiate," Cabral said. "We have uniform cheers that synchronize with the whole cheer team. We just wanted to be unique in our own ways and just express our personalities."

The camera phones captured what their teammates already know -- that Harris and Cabral bring fun and joy wherever they go.

"Jerry and I, we're like ying and yang," Cabral said. "Whenever we're together we're an unbreakable bond. Whenever Jerry and I walk in somewhere together, people are like, 'Oh, my God. It's Terrell and Jerry.'"

Their friendship dates back to their junior college days when the pair cheered at rival schools in Texas. Since then, they've made a lot of memories and won a lot of rings.

As they look to add more hardware with the Cardinals this cheer season, Louisville fans can find them at athletic events all year round, with a unique twist on all their cheers.

"It will be last minute, but it will be very enjoyable," Harris said. "Best believe."

Fan favorite cheers with the fan favorite leaders.