Lou City home opener 7-12-20

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville City FC likely didn’t hope to be launching a redemption tour just one game back into its regular season.

“We’re very anxious about setting this right and showing our fans now that we are a much better team than what we showed this last Sunday,” head coach John Hackworth said.

After a disappointing performance against Pittsburgh in their home opener, the Boys in Purple take on divisional foe Saint Louis FC on Saturday. The USL’s condensed schedule means the two teams will face each other four times in the regular season.

“These are like six-point games,” Hackworth said. “Both teams having lost on the weekend are coming into a position playing their first divisional opponent, this game has added importance because of that. Neither one of us can afford to fall further behind.”

“It’s not the best schedule we could look for, but we’re very thankful to have a season,” defender Alexis Souahy said. “We were stuck at home for two months not doing the things that we love to do. So we’re just thankful to be back.”

Lou City’s defense received most of the postgame criticism after allowing Pittsburgh to score two of its three goals in the second half, which, according Hackworth, isn’t fair.

“It wasn’t on our defensive end that we really had a problem,” Hackworth said. “It was when we had the ball that we gave our opponent opportunities to attack us in the worst possible space. It’s like a fumble on the two-yard line. You do not do that.”

Instead of turning up the intensity at practice this week in response, Hackworth said the focus has been on loosening his players up.

“We offer a lot of ideas on tactics, and that’s really where I think our team got a little bogged down,” Hackworth said. “They’re thinking too much and not playing enough.”

“There were a lot of things outside the game, but we are professionals,” Souahy said. “It is our job to make sure we do the right things on the field and don’t worry about the things (on the) outside.”

Lou City will look to zero in on Saint Louis on Saturday. Game time is set for 8 p.m. at Lynn Family Stadium.

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