LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Fans are heartbroken and disgusted after a report released Monday included sexual abuse accusations against former Racing Louisville FC Coach Christy Holly.

The allegations against Holly were part of a new report detailing abusive behavior and sexual misconduct in professional women's soccer.

"And it's really, really heartbreaking that this is something that these players had to go through, like no one had any idea, zero indication," Leigh Nieves, with Lavender Legion, said.

Nieves founded Lavender Legion, the Louisville Racing FC fan group. She said this will be a tough time for fans as they continue to weigh whether to support the team anymore.

While Nieves still plans to keep her season tickets to show up for the players, she said she would understand if some in the fanbase might choose otherwise.

"Realize that, this is something that needs to be taken a lot more seriously," she said. "And support for the players and protection for the players is something that fans need to focus on more than ever."

Later on Monday evening, The Coopers, another big Racing and Louisville City fan group, issued a statement of their own.

The group said at Wednesday's Lou City game, they will not hang banners, chant or have drums in the first half. They encourage everyone at the stadium to join them.

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