McKenzie leading Cards on and off the field

U of L running backs coach Norval McKenzie discusses his work in the classroom with his players.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville's run game has gone from 101st in the country a year ago to 23rd nationally this year, and at least part of the success can be attributed to the work of first-year running backs coach Norval McKenzie. 

McKenzie had most recently been at Arkansas State but was familiar with the work of Scott Satterfield when he took the job in January. Like all good position coaches, McKenzie does a lot of his work both on the field and in the position room. 

"I treat it as a classroom. That's what it is," McKenzie said. "From my playing days, it's still football. It's meeting time, but I think the delivery, the organization and presentation of things, might be different. We all learn differently. It's just about reaching the guys in your room."

"It's critical to have that meeting time in order to prepare for our next opponent as well as develop ourselves and what we need to do better for the next game," running back Maurice Burkley added. 

McKenzie, a former running back at Vanderbilt, is often the last to see when one of his guys makes a big run during a game. 

"If they score a touchdown, I don't see it until the back end," McKenzie said. "I'm not tracking the ball. The average fan will watch the ball. I'm actually looking at the defense trying to see what front, what blitzes they're bringing. A lot of times, I may not see what happened until I watch the tape on Sunday."

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