Sidney Melton

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Sidney Melton has had her fair share of adversity.

"I was definitely down," the senior infielder said. "I doubted whether or not I would be as fast as I was."

As a junior at U of L, Melton's season was derailed by an ACL injury.

"As I was running to stop, Coach said go, so my right leg was kind of in a planted position," Melton said. "That didn't pick up and go, but everything else did."

Melton came back from that California tournament in 2017 with a long road to recovery.

"I had surgery on Spring Break of that year," Melton said. "So, my mom was able to stay with me and I just remember sitting in my room breaking down to her. I was like, I can't believe this happened again."

That's right. This was her second ACL injury. She suffered the first one in high school, and it may have actually helped her recovery in college.

"I came back from the first one in almost an unheard of amount of time," Melton said. "So, I was almost unrealistic in thinking that I could come back as quick as I did when I was 16."

This time the recovery period was 4-5 months longer than her previous injury, but the results were similar. A 2018 All-ACC First Team selection, a career-best 45 runs scored, and 15 stolen bases in 15 tries.

"I was super proud of myself and I think coach was pretty proud of me too," Melton said. "I almost didn't think of it as, like, an overcoming thing even though it was. I kind of thought of it as, well this is what I came here to do."

"She's extremely resilient and its just a tribute to her the way she came back. To have that happen twice and know what that feels like, and then go through that and come back, it takes a lot of fortitude and she has a lot of that."

That attitude appears to be carrying her into 2019. Melton was a Preseason All-ACC Selection. She's one of the team's RBI leaders. She set a school record this year with four stolen bases in a game. She is also now in the Top Ten of U of L's career leaders in stolen bases. That's all thanks, in large part, to her attitude through it all. 

"I'm bigger than this," Melton told herself. "I'm better than this. It doesn't matter what's thrown my way. Just be confident in who you're going to be after it's over."