Lakeside splash contest

A veteran and a newcomer take titles at the 4th of July tradition at Lakeside Swim Club. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's one of the great Fourth of July traditions in Louisville — swimmers making large splashes in a pool in front of screaming fans and getting judged on how well or how poorly they do. 

It has long been a tradition on this holiday at Lakeside Swim Club. And the women's winner Sunday was not a surprise.

Judge Shelley Santry is a veteran of the competition and looked the part. The former Purdue University diver now has double-digit wins, but is still smarting over a controversial loss a few years ago. 

"This is probably my 11th win, I got beat four years ago by a college co-ed in a two-piece and I think she was the fiancée of one of the judges," Santry said. "I was going to file a grievance on that second place finish, but you know it's just a fun thing."

The men's winner was John Riehm, who prevailed in a six-man splash-off, believed to be a possible all-time splash-off record. 

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