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The Storm Prediction Center severe weather risk map has not changed much since this morning, but the timing of the stronger storms has. Communities along and north of the Ohio River are still included in a Slight risk of severe weather, level 2 out of 5.

Heat is climbing this week, then we stay warm for much for the foreseeable future. "Why" and "is this the start of summer" are the questions we will tackle today.

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NASA released a statement this week saying the moon is shrinking which may be causing "moonquakes." According to this statement from NASA, the moon has gotten more than 150 feet skinnier over the last several hundred million years.

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According to the National Parks Conservation Association, "96% of national parks are plagued by significant air pollution problems." A new report released by NPCP looked at the damage at 417 national parks from air pollution.

Happy Mother's Day! So far in 2019 we have enjoyed 19 weekends, including the one we are in right now. We have recorded measurable rain 13 of those!

On Wednesday afternoon the Slight risk was expanded again to include most of our area. In this post we will walk through the timing of two waves of storms and the ingredients involved in making some of those storms stronger than others. 

This a question we on the weather team are asked a lot this time of year. Generally the rule of thumb is to wait until after Mothers Day to be safe, but we dug through the records to see if there's a better date we can give you.

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