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Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis asked 10 school districts, including Jefferson County Public Schools, on Thursday to provide by Monday the names of teachers who took sick leaving during the two-week stretch in which JCPS was closed six days; districts’ sick leave policies; and any documentation provided by teachers who called out sick in that time.

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The legislation, Senate Bill 250, now heads to Gov. Matt Bevin’s desk for his signature or veto after the 54-42 vote. If it becomes law, SB 250 will allow Pollio and his successors to override principal selections by school-based decision making councils, enter contracts worth up to $20,000 and demote administrators.

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The failed effort to convince JCPS teachers that “Tuesday is too late” – several in the JCPS Leads group changed their Facebook profiles to an image that includes the phrase over the weekend – comes as district officials restlessly watch for possible “sick outs” this week with lawmakers set to return to the Capitol Tuesday.

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