Burger King Whopper in Japan designed to ward off evil spirits

(Source: Burger King Japan via YouTube)

(FOX NEWS) -- This is definitely a unique health benefit.

As the year comes to a close, several companies and product manufacturers are trying to cash in on the overall negative feelings people have towards 2020. For example, Fox News reports Burger King in Japan is reportedly offering a burger that can allegedly ward off bad spirits.

In a video on the Burger King Japan YouTube page, the company announced the arrival of the new Spicy Yakuyoke Whopper containing spicy garlic flakes and a special spicy sauce, but the sandwich has another selling point: It may "get rid of evil," Burger King Japan hints on its website.

In Burger King's commercial, a group of employees are shown bringing the burgers to a temple in Chofu City, Tokyo, where they appear to be blessed. The caption also explains that it will be difficult for Japanese citizens to carry out their traditional end-of-year events -- like attending similar blessing services at temples -- due to the "difficult" nature of the year 2020.

It is custom in Japan to visit a temple or shrine around the new year and pick up a yakuyoke amulet to ward off evil, Mashed reports.

The burger is also made with garlic flakes that are made from Japan's "hottest golden gang" and is also topped with a special spicy sauce to increase the overall hotness of the burger.

This isn't the only time that international Burger King chains have seemingly used the negative perception of 2020 to inspire a sandwich. Fox News previously reported that Burger King in Brazil decided to create a burger that exemplifies the general feeling of 2020. After surveying fans, the restaurant chain used the results as inspiration for the sandwich, which contained a chicken foot, overcooked noodles, sardines, thick caramel sauce and Jell-O. To top it off, the sandwich was served on a burnt bun.

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