Elk tangled in lawn chair

(Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region)

(FOX NEWS) -- It seems that no being on this planet, human or beast, can resist the temporary respite offered by an attractive set of lawn furniture.

Case in point: Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Northeast Region were recently called in to rescue an elk that somehow got her neck and legs tangled in a lawn chair. Thankfully, the elk lived to wander the hills and valleys of Jefferson County.

"Thanks to the local resident in Idledale who reported this cow elk with a lawn chair stuck around its neck and front legs, wildlife officer Joe Nicholson was able to help her out," tweeted Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). "He immobilized her and removed the chair without complications."

Photos shared by CPW’s Northeast Region show the animal lying on her side near a home in Idledale, her head and front legs protruding from the metal frame of the chair. The legs of the chair also appear bent backward, presumably during the elk’s previous attempt to free itself.

Ultimately, the elk is shown free of the chair and standing on her own.

The parks and wildlife office followed up the story by noting that such instances of tangled wildlife often involve "swings, hammocks and netting," but getting stuck in lawn furniture isn’t entirely uncommon.

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