egg nog

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The holidays wouldn't be complete without your grandma's guarded cookie recipe or maybe that spiked homemade egg nog. Before you sip, a local dietitian has info that you might not know about the centuries old festive drink.

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that when the calendar flips, so do stores shelves. "Scotch, egg nog, bourbon, that's about it," John Pasquenza said.

"I like egg nog on occasion but what a lot of people don't realize is four ounces, which is a half cup, is the serving on the back of the label," said Natalie Senninger, a registered dietitian and nutritionist with Nutrition 502.

Senninger said consumers typically won't realize just how small the serving size is and will have multiple drinks.

"It's festive. It just makes you smile when you drink it," Cat Lux said. "I don't eat it, because it's good for me, I eat it because it's the holidays." 

While eggnog has some benefits like protein, calcium and vitamin D, Senninger said don't let the bad bring you down. The big one is sugar. "There's 20 grams of sugar in a four-ounce serving, so a half cup. "That's half to full of your daily amount of sugar that you should be drinking," Senninger said.

According to Senninger, each serving has ten grams of fat. "Most of that coming from saturated fats, so that's the artery clogging fat that we want to avoid."

Dry wine and the hard stuff curb the carbohydrates, sugar and calorie intake. "If you're going to choose between egg nog or a shot of bourbon, go for the bourbon." 

Senninger said, on average, people gain about two to five pounds during the holidays. "In January, when you get back into your normal routine, it's pretty easy to drop without going on a detox or a diet," Senninger said.

However, most could agree this season isn't the time to start trimming because it's all about the trimmings. "You think about all the things when you're growing up and all the things your mom and grandma made, and it just makes you think of memories," Lux said.

Senninger said just be aware. "Limiting those drinks during the holiday season as hard as it is to do is kind of key. Moderation is key, especially when it comes to egg nog."

These holidays favorites aren't going away, each bite and sip are part of the holiday.

Senninger said it's important to stick to your routine, drink plenty of water and not skip a meal before a big holiday party.

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