Lost Bible returned after 36 years

(FOX NEWS) -- It took more than three decades, but a lost Bible has finally been returned to its owner.

About 36 years ago, Lori DeVoll was working as a flight attendant when she found the small Bible had been left behind on a seat, according to Fresno, Calif., television station KMPH FOX26.

At the time, she was traveling a lot, so she "tucked it away somewhere and forgot about it" -- until earlier this year, she told the station.

DeVoll and her husband moved from Colorado to Fresno earlier this year, according to KMPH. After the move, she found the lost Bible in a box of keepsakes.

"I found the little Bible and I remembered there was an address in it," she said. "I opened it and to my surprise, it was a Fresno address."

After looking up Adam Lopez online, she found that he was the pastor of Lifepoint Worship Center.

Last weekend, DeVoll was able to return his lost Bible -- while wearing her flight attendant wings that she wore 36 years ago, she told KMPH.

"I never thought I would get it back but it sure brought some memories back," Lopez told the station.

However, now that he's been reunited with his Bible, Lopez said he might need help reading it.

"When I opened it up the print is so small I said 'I'm gonna need a magnifying glass to be able to read it,'" he told KMPH. "In those days I didn't need glasses."

DeVoll told the station she was glad to be able to keep her promise, even after all these years.

"It was a feeling of joy," she said.

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