LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – National Video Game Day is celebrated on July 8th, 2019, encouraging people to pick up that controller or joystick. WDRB's Keith Kaiser stopped by Renaissance Fun Park to join other gamers for some action. 

It's a day to head to the arcade or dust off that old Nintendo and haul your prized collection of games out of the closet.

The Renaissance Fun Park is honoring National Video Game Day by allowing free plays on four favorite games in its Arcade. From open to close on July 8, there's no charge to play Space Invaders Frenzy, Mrs. Pac Man, Crossy Road Arcade or Halo: Fire Team Raven.

Anyone who can beat and hold the top score on those games will win a free 90-Day Pass to park. It includes unlimited Laser Tag, GoKarts, and Mini Golf for 90 straight days!

Primarily used for recreational purposes, video games have exploded in popularity over the last few decades.

The very first video game ever invented -- Pong in 1958 -- involved simple table tennis. Today, there are over five million games in existence. From high-speed racing adventures to perilous virtual dueling matches, there's a genre for everyone. 

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