LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Making the world your playground could help you get in shape in the New Year.

WDRB's Keith Kaiser tried out BAREfit Adventure Training.

It's a holistic fitness community with small group training sessions focusing on the love for adventure sports & minimalist living.

Every BAREfit session is a new adventure, designed to keep you motivated, sweating, learning, improving and smiling week after week. They use various re-purposed and non-traditional equipment to create a "real-life" aspect to strength training. One day you may be flipping tires and jumping over boxes. The next time you may be swinging on a rope and climbing monkey bars.

The real world isn't full of perfectly placed grips and equally ballanced weight. The workouts keep your mind and body guessing. If you love outdoor adventure and don't like traditional gyms, this may be the workout for you.

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