GINA ON THE JOB: Schimpff's Candy maker

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- It's one of the busiest times of year for a long-time Jeffersonville staple. On this week's 'Gina on the Job', WDRB's Gina Glaros worked as a candy maker to learn the sweet secrets behind Schimpff's Confectionery.

People have been smelling the cinnamon that's been pouring out of the store front for 127 years. Gina joined Jill and Warren Schimpff and made their famous Red Hots.

"Sugar, corn syrup, and water. We're going to add the coloring and the flavoring along the way," Jill Schimpff said.

Red Hots are Schimpff's Confectionery's most popular and prized candy. "Tradition. It's all tradition. People are used to the Red Hots from their childhood days and grandma's house and so forth. So, it's become a staple," Jill Schimpff said.

Gina gave the Red Hots their signature color and waited until the thermometer said it was time to pour. "Be very, very glad your little fingers aren't under there. (It's) 320 degrees," Jill Schimpff said.

Gina then added the cinnamon. Move over Johnny Cash. "There's Schimpff's ring of fire right there," Jill Schimpff said.

Next the cinnamon is mixed in, and the Red Hots are cooled on the candy table, pressed and kneaded like bread.

Then, the candy is folded and carried over to the batch warmer.

Next, the candy is rolled through, hardened and is ready to be broken into single pieces.

Finally, the Red Hots are bagged and canned in a separate room. 

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