9-month-old does dishes

Arabia-Iman Tillery tells Fox News that her son Chase was being "fussy" until her mother came up with the ingenious idea. (Twitter.com/Arabiaxo)

(FOX NEWS) -- Leave it to Grandma to unlock a child's true potential.

The mother of a 9-month-old baby recently shared hilarious footage of her infant son "doing dishes" at his grandmother's house -- and apparently loving every minute of it.

Arabia-Iman Tillery tells Fox News that her son Chase was "being fussy" during a recent visit to see Tillery's mother in Maryland. Tillery's mom, Denise Jackson, then suggested they set up Chase at the sink, to occupy his attention before putting him down.

"My son loves water and was being fussy before a nap, so [my mom] decided to let him 'wash dishes' to help calm him down," Tillery tells Fox News.

"It was a great idea because he loved it," she laughed.

In the video, Tillery's son can be seen lying on his stomach, in front of his grandmother's sink, holding a soapy spoon and splashing around in a pot of water.

"My mom got him to work already," Tillery wrote in an on-screen caption, adding a cry-laugh emoji.

Footage of the funny moment has since been viewed over 800,000 times on Twitter as of Monday afternoon.

Social media users were equally tickled by the idea, with many commenters making jokes about Chase's dishwashing skills.

Tillery, meanwhile, told Fox News that her mom's idea worked like a charm.

"We had to make him stop so he could take a nap," she said.

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