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(FOX NEWS) -- It’s never a good idea to criticize a bride for having scars.

A frustrated groom-to-be says he was horrified when his sister criticized his fiancée for planning to wear a dress that would show a scar on her collarbone. Now, it appears that the groom’s family is taking the sister’s side after she was uninvited from the wedding.

The groom shared his story to Reddit’s forums, where he explained that his wife-to-be got the scar when she was a child in an accident that also claimed the life of her mother. Apparently, the groom’s sister has made comments about the scar in the past, but things took a dramatic turn when the bride-to-be showed off her wedding dress.

"My fiancée showed the wedding dress to my sister," the groom wrote. "I didn't see it but I was told it was a spaghetti strap dress. My fiancée likes this stuff. Anyways my sister saw it and went nuts she started criticizing her choice and said that she should've gotten a high neck or a jewel wedding dress to cover up the scar. She argued with my fiancée about it."

This didn’t go over well with the groom, who says he confronted his sister when he found out.

"I yelled at her after she told me my fiancée needed to return the dress and get a 'proper' one so that guests won't focus on her burn-scar and use it as the topic of conversation and gossip. I told her that she's not invited to our wedding. She isn't welcome to my wedding with this entitled attitude of hers and her insensitivity and disrespect. We argued for half an hour then I left."

After that, however, the groom’s family stepped in and seemingly defended the sister’s actions.

"My mom and dad called and berated me saying my sister was crying after I uninvited her and that I had no right to uninvite her," the story continues. "She's my sister and was just trying to help out and give advice and avoid any ‘unnecessary’ drama at the wedding. My mom said my fiancée can keep the dress but suggested to wear a bridal shawl as a neutral solution. I stopped responding to my mom's calls and texts after that. Family members were upset my sister was uninvited and wanted me to invite her again because this will make the family look bad in front of outsiders and guests."

Reddit’s users took the groom’s side and agreed that the sister was out of line for her comments.

"Your fiancée found a dress she is comfortable in, everyone else should be, as well," wrote one user. "Your sister is the one with the issue."

Another user added, "It sounds like his fiancée does a pretty good job at covering up the scar. Even if she didn’t, it’s her wedding and she can wear whatever she wants. I’m sure people close to them know about the scar and the story behind it."

One user suggested, "If you decide to re-invite her she needs to apologize and acknowledge how inappropriate she was. A groveling apology would be nice."

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