LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) — The impact of Cicadas can be felt all over this area.

WDRB's Keith Kaiser spent the morning with entomologist Rachelyn Dobson learning about the insect.

Idlewild Butterfly Farm is based out of Louisville, Kentucky, and was born of a lifelong passion for insects and the natural world.

They focus on sustainable and ecologically-friendly practices such as butterfly garden cultivation and the use of beneficial insects for pest control.

A big topic right is now is the cicada during their various stages of life from adults, nymphs, and shells.

The periodical cicadas benefit the local environment.

Plus eating cicadas (or insects in general) could be an environmentally-sustainable source of protein.

Consuming insects is part of a normal human diet in most places around the world.

Rachelyn created a few cicada dishes and described the cooking methods.

You can prepare the insect many different ways like baking, stir fry, deep-fry, chocolate covered and placed over ice cream.

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Idlewild is currently conducting a citizen science backyard cicada census to track the emergence and holding a cicada-themed art contest for all ages until June 12.

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