LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Police K9 Officer and their K9 partner have to work together as a team.

WDRB's Keith Kaiser joins a dynamic duo for some Police K9 training.

Dennis Clark has been a K9 Police Officer for 35 years.

He's had many different K9 partners even while serving in Iraq.

His current K9, K9 Dash has been riding the streets with Dennis for 6 years currently patroling the Strathmore Village Kentucky area.

The 7 year old is a dual purpose K9 acting as a drug dog and a patrol dog with many functions.

He is a giant Schnauzer who responds to German commands.

He lives with the Clark family, watching TV and sleeping with Dennis at night.

But when it's time to work, it's time to work.

K9 Dash's resume includes numerous awards and certifications, 153 drug arrests, 72 confiscations of drug paraphernalia, 11 apprehensions of fleeing or hiding suspects and located $144,000 in drug money seizures.

Dash and Dennis are authors of top sellers in their categories on Amazon.

One is "My Police K9 Partners and our True Stories".

And the first book in a children's series called "Dash's Dream Comes True".

A portion of the profits of the sale of the book goes to local shelters.

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