KFC Chickendale Dancers via Fox News

KFC, and the Chickendale dancers, want to wish your mom a hot and personalized Mother’s Day this year. (KFC via Fox News)

(FOX NEWS) -- KFC is serving your mom up something sweet – and steamy – this Mother’s Day.

According to Fox News, The Colonel, and now with his very chiseled crew, have cooked up two gifts for moms all over the country to enjoy: decadent Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits and the KFC "Chickendales" dancers.

For those with mothers who have more of a sweet tooth, the limited-time-only dessert combines KFC’s popular flaky biscuit with a cinnamon and brown sugar glaze, as well as signature Cinnabon cream cheese frosting.

KFC Desert Biscuits via Fox News

The Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits are available for a limited time while supplies last. (KFC)

But for the moms who like a little heat with their treats, Colonel Sanders is debuting his Chickendale dancers, who, according to the fast-food chain’s press release, are a "Colonel-ized version of the classic Chippendale dancers."

During a 59-second promotional video, the men shower viewers with affirmations like "you're the best mom in the world," and "I love you, mom." The group, led by a cut Colonel Sanders, goes on to rip off their shirts and pants while performing a choreographed routine and reminding your mom she's "a real special lady." The saucy dancers then finish on a savory note, by dressing in various items from KFC's menu, including the Colonel's classic bucket of fried chicken and a side of coleslaw, before wishing all a "Happy Mother's Day."

Though, to make your mom feel extra special on May 12, you can visit the website and enter your mother’s name and place of residence in for a personalized message from a group of muscular men.

The website went live on April 25. The dessert biscuits will available beginning April 29, while supplies last.

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