Lucky Charms Marshmallows

(FOX NEWS) -- It's finally happened: Lucky Charms will be widely available without all that pesky cereal in the way.

While General Mills has released promotional “just marshmallow” boxes of the iconic cereal in the past, the company recently announced that fans nationwide will be able to buy bags of only Lucky Charms marshmallows. Customers won't have to enter any contests to win the cereal-free bags, either — they just have to stop by their favorite store and pick them up.

Lucky Charms posted the news on its Facebook page. It's every kid's dream, and perhaps most parents' nightmares, come to life.

General Mills teamed up with Jet-Puffed to bring the bags to store shelves. The company also said the item will cost about $1.50, and will be available nationwide in September.

In a press release obtained by Fox News, Ashleigh Calderone, an associate brand manager for Jet-Puffed, said, “The colorful marshmallows have always been our favorite fluffy part of the Lucky Charms cereal experience. We're thrilled to put our signature Jet-Puffed spin on them to make them bigger and puffier! Now fans don’t have to wait until breakfast to enjoy these iconic, magically delicious vanilla flavored marshmallows they know and love in their snacks and desserts.”

The release went on to confirm that the bags will contain green clovers, pink hearts, blue moons and yellow stars. Fans of red balloons will apparently have to keep digging through boxes of cereal to satisfy their hunger.