Haunted Missouri airbnb

Image source: Aaron Clark Facebook page via Fox News. 

(FOX NEWS) -- This is one Airbnb rental where guests are hoping to have a terrifying experience.

A couple from Missouri claims that their house is haunted and they can’t live on the property anymore. Instead of trying to sell it, however, they’re hoping to give thrill-seekers a truly unique experience by placing the location on Airbnb.

According to the couple, the first group to rent it couldn’t make it through the night.

"One of the young ladies staying stated they saw a dark figure on the staircase and another said she saw a similar dark figure on the porch that is on the second level master bedroom," Aaron Clark told Fox News. "The young man that booked the home said he smelled a strong odor of sulfur, which I’ve been told is a 'demon smell.' I never looked into that to be sure. But it was enough for them to leave. They checked in at 6 p.m. and left a little after midnight"

"We bought the house Aug. 2017 and moved in Oct. 2017," Aaron says. "(My family and I) started really noticing (the odd events) around Christmas time. My dog acted weird the moment we moved in but thought he was being stubborn. The sounds got worse as we stayed and it graduates to TV’s turning on at full volume, to space heaters turning on by themselves, and of course, my daughter sleepwalking and talking in tongues, the shifty movement almost as though she was possessed. What makes that unique is she would never do this anywhere else. She would stay the night at her grandmother's house and would be fun, but once she came back home she would start back up again."

Aaron also confirmed that he and his wife both saw a "tall man in a suit and a top hat" out of the corner of their eyes. His daughter also says that she heard a voice say "hi" once when she and her father returned home.

One of the scariest experiences they had, however, reportedly involved their daughter.

“She was standing outside of her bed staring out the window,” Aaron told KRGC TV. The young girl had reportedly been having nightmares, and, as Aaron tells it, “She was still crying, just sobbing, I could see her shoulders going up and down, and I was like ‘Raena, what’s wrong? Are you OK? Are you OK?' And she turned around, and it scared the life out of me because it went from crying to this Cheshire [cat] big smile, kind of like the joker.”

Seven months after moving in, the family decided to leave.

The house was featured on an episode of the Travel Channel’s “The Dead Files,” which detailed supposed paranormal activity in the property.

The Airbnb listing doesn’t go into much detail, but it does reveal that the house has been featured on the paranormal-themed show (the listing also boasts a cozy bedroom and a full kitchen).

According to Aaron, "Everyone has experienced something different. From (seeing dark figures) to be very emotional for no reason, to catching “shadow people” at the corner of there eyes. We’ve had ghost hunter teams come to the house as well and find stuff either their equipment in the basement.

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