LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Mosquito season can become a pesky problem.

Mosquito Control Awareness Week, June 23-29, helps people think about preventative maintenance before the problem gets to big.

WDRB's Keith Kaiser joined a mosquito control expert for some advice.

The best way to prevent mosquitoes is to eliminate the source of the problem… clean up the yard.

By eliminating potential breeding sites from the get-go, you will help prevent the risk of mosquitoes and minimize your risk of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses, like the common West Nile Virus.

Tips to Maintain Your Yard:

Keep nearby weeds trimmed and under control - during the day, mosquitoes spend their time resting on low-lying vegetation.

They are attracted to the vegetation because of the higher humidity levels, allowing them to survive daytime temperatures without drying out.

Get rid of standing (collected) water - empty water out of wheelbarrows, empty flower pots, watering cans and from any other containers (objects), where water can collect.

In light of this contact rain, it would be beneficial to do this at least twice a day.

Mosquitoes only need a bottle cap full of water to lay their eggs.

Maintain your gutter - check gutters for debris and ensure they drain properly to avoid any areas where water could potentially pool.

Maintain clean, fresh water in birdbaths - change bird bath water at least once per week.

Use top-feeding minnows - when used in ornamental ponds, this is a proven method to reduce mosquito larvae.

Change pet water dishes frequently

Keep lawns short - approximately 3″ in height.

Remove, drain or fill natural water cavities - you can use mortar to fill cavities in old tree stumps.

Install a fountain / water agitator - to ponds or larger areas of water mosquitoes prefer not to lay their eggs in moving water.

Backyard Entertaining Tips:

Plug in a fan while spending time outside (grilling, dinner outside, sitting on the patio) - the movement of the air will deter mosquitoes, who aren't good fliers.

Wear light colored clothing - mosquitoes are able to identify darker colors like navy and black.

Those with Type O blood are twice as attractive to mosquitoes (compared to those with other blood types).

The more you sweat, the more mosquitoes are attracted to you.

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