(FOX NEWS) -- Happy National Margarita Day on Feb. 22.

Sure, you could just order a boring regular margarita. Or you could deep-fry one.

While the margarita is a pretty popular drink, it also comes in a wide variety of options — from unique flavors to more outrageous styles, there’s plenty of choices for margarita fans.

When it comes to margaritas, there are usually two main options: frozen or on the rocks (not frozen).

Of course, with so many options, there’s going to be a couple that might be a little weird (that doesn’t mean they don’t taste great, though).

For anyone looking to mix up the salt-rim concept, they can try topping their margarita with "salt air" instead. According to Food and Wine, this topping is created by using a powdered emulsifier to create a foamy topping for the drink that’s both salty and unique.

When it comes to margaritas, there are two main options: frozen or on the rocks (not frozen). People looking for a thicker drink but who don’t want it frozen can add an unexpected ingredient to their drink: eggs. Specifically, egg whites.

According to the Food Network, "egg whites have been used in cocktails for hundreds of years," including margaritas. Adding egg whites reportedly doesn’t affect the drink’s flavor, but does give it a creamy texture. Food Network recommends using pasteurized egg whites to avoid certain food-borne illnesses.

Of course, this being America, if something can be deep-fried, it will be. While deep-frying a drink might seem difficult, apparently people figured out how to do it. In a report about a Tampa-area margarita festival from Narcity, Fried Margaritas were detailed.

According to the report, this unusual sounding concoction is made from "spongy cake bites submerged in a margarita and then deep-fried."

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