Electrocuted Squirrel

Image via  @sealless on Twitter

(FOX NEWS) -- Talk about being left hanging.

Some residents in upstate New York say a utility company ignored them for two weeks after they reported seeing a dead squirrel dangling above them from utility wires according to an article on Fox News

The squirrel had apparently gotten electrocuted while nibbling on the wires, Syracuse.com reported.

Frustrated by unresponsiveness from the utility, National Grid, some of the residents of the Syracuse neighborhood began posting photos of the dead squirrel every day on social media.

Neighbor Chet Seidel posted photos on Twitter while Kathy Denman posted on Facebook.

They even named the squirrel Freddie, after the 1972 Curtis Mayfield song, "Freddie’s Dead," Syracuse.com reported.

National Grid eventually removed the squirrel Monday night after receiving an inquiry from Syracuse.com, the website reported.

A spokeswoman for the utility said the company normally doesn’t remove items from the wires unless they pose a threat to electrical service. But in this case they were concerned that the neighbors might try to remove the squirrel themselves.

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