LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Halloween frights and scares happen all over Kentuckiana this time of year.

WDRB Media was no exception. WDRB's Keith Kaiser conducted the 13th annual operation BooFest 2021 in late September.

Last year, he reminisced about the scares of the past while enduring the Covid-19 pandemic. But he was back in action and not making friends. Dressed up as a frightful clown with homemade pajamas, he lurched at unsuspecting WDRB employees with cameras rolling.

The results are frightening and hilarious. The WDRB in the Morning crew had to know it was coming but didn't know when.

Click through the photos of the moments of terror and watch their reactions.

"Until next year WDRB, boohahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

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