(FOX NEWS) -- A North Carolina family planning on a simple meal of frozen pizza at their Wake Forest home instead had their night ruined by a snake that had crawled into the oven.

Amber Helm and her husband Robert Helm were cooking a frozen pizza Monday night when they started smelling smoke.

"I opened up the oven and thought, 'Is that part of the oven?' I looked more closely and it was a snake," Amber told The News & Observer according to Fox News.

The mother of two said she did not know how the snake got into the oven – or how long it had been there. Her husband was tasked with cleaning up the nearly 18-inch-long creature.

"I put the oven on self-clean after I pulled that crispy critter out," he said to the outlet.

The group did not eat the pizza that night, but the entire incident has left Amber nervous.

"I have two little boys so I’m just so concerned," she said.

The family is now looking into having someone come out and check their home for other snakes.

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