Corona Beer

(FOX NEWS) -- Apparently, people can tell the difference between a beer and a virus.

It’s safe to say that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on most people’s year. While the virus has had major consequences for the food and beverage industry, things were reportedly not as bad for one unfortunately named beer than original reports may have suggested.

While the company acknowledged an unfortunate association between the beer and the pandemic, Constellation Brands Inc. said Corona beer sales for the year showed no negative impact from that connection, Yahoo Finance reports. According to the company, sales through the beginning of December were similar to the previous year’s numbers.

The news outlet also reports that Wall Street analysts have come to the conclusion that the brand saw no negative impact from the pandemic.

Reports from earlier in the year seemingly suggested otherwise, however.

Fox News previously reported that in late February, an NYC-based public relations firm 5WPR published the results of a very small survey that claimed that 38 percent of 737 Americans polled said they would not purchase Corona beer "under any circumstances now" amid the ongoing outbreak – even though the coronavirus has nothing to do with the pale lager.

At the time, however, Constellation Brands CEO Bill Newlands pushed back against the claims, saying that they did not "reflect our business performance and consumer sentiment."

Earlier this year, the company launched a new line of Corona-brand hard seltzers. The ad campaign, however, was criticized for using the slogan "coming ashore soon." On social media, some users criticized the statement as being insensitive as the country was starting to feel the early impact of the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, Fox News reported that the ad had been pulled.

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