(FOX NEWS) -- This chubby cat is getting some big love online.

Pitoe, a 4-year-old British shorthair, was brought into the vet when she was a kitten to be euthanized because of her severe scoliosis.

However, the feline instead found her forever home after her veterinarian decided to adopt the sweet cat.

Though Pitoe was adopted into the good life four years ago, her story has just started going viral on social media when photos of her were posted to Reddit, Instagram and Twitter, along with her adorable backstory.

“My grandparents — who adore animals — had wanted a cat for a while but were afraid to get one, as they feared it might jump over the balcony of their apartment and harm itself,” Marie, the alleged rescuer, explained, the New York Post reported. “My mom realized that Pitoe, due to her scoliosis, would probably be a very calm kitty.”

Now Pitoe has earned legions of fans for her unique looks, which, because of her scoliosis has caused her to grow “more in width.”

She also hopes her story will encourage people to adopt special-needs animals.

“It’s crazy to think how close she was to being put down, and now she’s the love of my grandparents’ — and our entire family’s — life,” she said.

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